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Capturing the Color of the Carnival Lights

Being memorial day weekend, there isn’t a lot of business to attend to. I’ve also been feeling very inspired to do something creative, just for me. So earlier this evening I went down to the park in our hometown of Grants Pass, Oregon, and just wandered around checking out the lights and crowd. I brought my camera along and decided to do some long exposure shots of the carnival rides.

Originally I was going to bring my tripod. However, I got there and discovered my quick release was missing. So, I decided to go for it anyway. I approached it open mindedly, as I do when I’m photographing nature. I just wandered around the park, enjoying the scene, and shots would tend to jump out at me.

Carnival Lights 30

I took several shots  with varying exposures ranging from one second to six seconds at f11 to f16 at ISO 200.  I keep the smaller aperture, the f 16 or f 11, in order to not overexpose the colors, and get nice rich color saturation during the long exposures. I had started with an iso of 400, but reduced that to 200, also to help keep the deep rich colors .

Overall I was pretty happy with the images I got this evening. Considering that I hand held the camera for the long exposures, I am content with the sharpness and overall quality. I think I will be going back tomorrow evening to take advantage of the beautiful lights again, and perhaps try something new and different, while I have the chance.

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