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Opening up to Creativity


My wife Pam and I just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. It was last Friday the 13th, and nothing went wrong.  We took a hike around the Oregon caves and just had a wonderful day.

I brought my Canon DSLR along in case I felt like taking some pictures. If you read my recent post about the Redwoods, you will know where I’m coming from here. I have been taking to this idea of being somewhere to experience what is happening, to experience the moment fully, not distracted by anything. Rather, I am fully present, seeing all of the beauty and experiencing all that my senses take in. I am usually reflecting with gratitude on all that is around me, the things that I’m usually too busy to notice, the many things I take for granted. Perhaps I’m saying a prayer, giving thanks for the wonderful gift of nature.

As in my trip to the redwoods, I wasn’t there to look for photos to take. I was simply there to enjoy being fully in the moment, in an inspiring place, with my wife.
It seems to me that things tend to come to us when we aren’t trying so hard to make them happen.  When we need greatly “need” something, we can’t seem to find it. Kinda like love, or money perhaps.  But when we are content and grateful for what we have, and all that is around us, the blessings seem to simply flow to us.
That is how I’ve been experiencing photography lately. When my head and heart are in a good place I will “see” differently. I think it’s no coincidence. I see true beauty in nature, in the most unlikely places.  When I do, I can grab my camera and shoot what I perceive, almost unconsciously. For sure, I would not see these scenes the same if I was actively scanning the mountainside, feeling  like  it won’t be worth being out here if I don’t take some exceptional photographs.

I’m realizing how this new found perspective for approaching photography, and being fully in the moment, has been a lesson about the bigger picture, about not forcing things that I think should happen, but realizing there is a path that’s right for each of us. Perhaps when we are trying hard to accomplish something and it just isn’t happening,  maybe we are trying to force something that isn’t supposed to happen, and perhaps we are missing the new door that is opening, taking us in a different direction. I look forward to  applying that to life this next week and seeking what happens in a couple of specific situations.

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