Digital Backdrops Fun & Sexy Boudoir Sandwich Layered Backgrounds Sets & Props L


The fun and sexy Boudoir Collection of digital backgrounds backdrops and posing chairs. Featuring…

  • 50 Beautiful bedroom sets
  • 50 Soft and subtle watercolor backgrounds
  • 20 Digital posing chairs


Digital Photography Backdrops Beautiful Boudoir Backgrounds & Studio Props…GORGEOUS AND SEXY! Intimately Designed for that “Special Woman in Mind” These beautiful digital backgrounds contain both realistic bedroom scenes as well as gorgeous watercolor backgrounds.

Also included are a variety of posing chairs. When shooting your subject on a green screen, it works great to place a stool underneath the green screen for your subject to pose on, that makes it a lot easier to transfer them onto the prop stool in a new background …lots of fun, especially with the shoe props.

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