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“Eclectically Yours” This is a set of 215 high resolution digital photography backgrounds & frames, in seven unique collections, consisting of an “eclectic” assortment of images.  


 Collections include: 1: A very unique “Framed” edition of “40” layered backgrounds & “40” frames. 2: A collection of “30” Gorgeous “Canvas Textured” backdrops. 3. A unique “Brick” collection of “30” backgrounds. 4. A Classy “Grunge” collection of “30” backgrounds. 5. A set of “30” “Bright & Wild” backgrounds. 6. A small collection of “Softlight” backgrounds, (subtly soft & lightly lit). 7. A collection of “40” “Nature” backgrounds. Combine these backgrounds with a good green screen program or photo editing program, and you have the tools to create beautiful, and unique portraits for any client. We always strive to produce the best quality possible in our products. Six of the collections are jpg’s, while the “Framed” collection is in psd “layered” format; all sized at 4320 x 2432 pixels at 72, (as they would be straight from the camera). 


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