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This is a collection of “30” digital backgrounds. I think that this collection of digital backgrounds is by far one of my most inspired and creative collections to date. I wanted to not only create something that could be used in the studio, but perhaps images that could hang on a wall as an individual piece of art.  This collection of images is both.

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Pam’s Favorite Photography Backdrop Collection

“I think this collection of digital photography backdrops is my most inspired and creative collections to date. There are 30 images that each took me countless hours to create. I wanted to create something that could be used for green screen photography backdrops as well as printed in large sizes and displayed as wall decor. While working on it, I found myself inspired by the concept of Planes, Trains & Automobiles, (with a slight twist of course.) The Planes are Planes of Existence, not airplanes, so naturally, the trains and automobiles needed to follow down the same path, combining a touch of realism with artistic flair…hence the “Variant Art Collection. The “Trains” collection images are all watercolor.” ( Pamala Newcomb, Artist ) 

30 Digital Photography Backdrops

This is a collection of “30” digital backdrops, and as with all of our images, designed for digital photography backdrops, as well as images that can be printed and displayed as wall art. they are of the highest professional quality. Most are uncompressed “tiff” images  They will be delivered on 1 data DVD or by digital download.

Great for Green Screen Backgrounds for Seniors

Seniors love something different. They don’t want something that everyone else has. Well most of them anyway. So, if you’ve been looking for something different to stand out from all the other senior photographers out there this is it! The possibilities are, quite simply, endless.

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