Muslin Digital Backdrops for Green Screen Photography


This collection  contains 200 muslin digital backdrops of the finest professional quality, and in the style of true portrait studio backdrops. Simply shoot your portraits on a green screen backdrop, then “drop in” a backdrop from this collection.  With this one series you will have a huge variety of backdrops for your studio portraits.

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200 Muslin Digital Backdrops

This collection of muslin digital backdrops. is very popular  These beautiful portrait backdrops provide a wide variety of looks as this collection contain 200 muslin digital backdrops.  

Professional Photography Quality

We create all of our digital photography backdrops. As a professional photography team for over 25 plus years, we know quality photography.. Every image we produce is of the highest quality and suitable for the finest professional portrait photography. Most of our background images are uncompressed .tif files. All of our collections come on DVD, however, you may request a download.

Green Screen Photography

Most of the portraits you see in our listings were created without a green screen backdrop. We used images taken against a simple white background that provided good contrast between subject and background. Then we used a magic wand selection tool in Photoshop to select the subject. The subject was then separated from the original background and placed over a muslin digital backdrop. However, there are good green screen programs that automate the process when you shoot against a green screen backdrop. See our Green Screen  Wizard   software.

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