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Digital Photography Backgrounds Studio “Back to Nature” Backdrops and Photo Props (1Q) These digital backgrounds are ideal for bringing the “nature” right into your studio. And you have both beautiful unaltered natural digital backgrounds AND gorgeous watercolor canvas digital backgrounds to choose from. No more need for those expensive “physical”, bulky, canvas backgrounds. Also included are a few digital nature props for use with any digital background, such as a picket fence, piers and walkways. We always strive to produce the best quality possible in our products. These images are all 300 ppi at 8×10 inches. These are all uncompressed tiff images and at 2400 x 3000 pixels they are about 24 megabytes each. These products are copyright protected and can not be resold as they are. They are designed to be used as backgrounds, or composites to enhance your own personal or professional portrait work. You will need a photo editing program. We recommend Photoshop 6 or newer, however any program that lets you work with layers will work. There is also a FREE photo editing program available online at gimp. We ship USPS 1st class mail so please allow 7 to 10 days.BEFORE YOU BUY PLEASE READWe produce our own CD’s and DVD’s ; we use “premium quality DVD labels” and paper sleeves and ship in rigid cardboard CD mailers. If you would prefer a “DOWNLOAD” instead of waiting for a disc by mail, you can purchase all of our items from Payloadz.Here are the items included: CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL OF OUR DIGITAL BACKGROUND COLLECTIONS Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions page. GuaranteeWe guarantee this disk to be working and will replace it should any defect be found, within 30 days of the date of purchase. Customer service is very important to us, so if you have any questions, please contact us through EBAY messages. We will gladly help you with anything.PLEASE NOTE EBAY STAFF and all others: We, Michael and Pamala Newcomb, and The Photo Coach are the sole creators, and copyright owners of ALL of the digital images, digital photography backgrounds, templates, and training videos that we offer on eBay. We “personally” photographed, and/or created, each and every one of our photographs, digital photography backgrounds, templates, borders etc. None of the products we offer infringe the rights of any person or entity, in whole or in part. Please contact us through eBay messages with any questions regarding our work. As full time professional portrait photographers and artists for over twenty five years, we have set the bar high for the quality of the images, digital backgrounds, photography backdrops, and Photoshop templates we will use in our studio work, as well as what we offer in the collections we create for our professional photographer clients. There is greater value in a truly professional collection of outstanding images from The Photo Coach, than in thousands of average or mediocre images offered by some sellers. We then further evaluate each image and do significant editing, enhancement, and detailed artwork on many to develop the ultimate in artistic designs for photographers and designers who want to offer their clients the finest possible work. As a result, our photographer clients place a significant value on our collections of fifty, one hundred, or two hundred professional digital backgrounds photography backdrops and Photoshop templates. We believe we provide greater value by offering the finest in template and background designs that you will find anywhere. Every image that comes in a collection we sell is visible in the listing, so you know exactly what you are getting up front.


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